Have you ever met someone you were instantly drawn to, but after a while you discover that there’s no real connection when you get to know them? Looks can catch your eye initially, but it’s their personality and values that you truly connect with, right?

Now let’s take a look at brands. Because they’re a lot like humans. Consider your brand as a person. Your brand has a personality, values and beliefs (it’s inside) and a visual appearance with colors, logos, images and more (it’s outside). The visual look of your brand is what might attract people at first. Someone might see a well-designed good looking instagram post that catches their eye and piques their interest. But it’s the message that makes them connect and actually read into what you have to say. The inside of your brand is what turns consumers into loyal fans that keep coming back for more. It’s what makes consumers choose your business instead of competitors because they feel connected to you. Because they share the same values and beliefs as you. When the inside and outside of your brand are in alignment is when the magic happens.

Brands are build from the inside out - The Conscious Content

After reading this you might think: but how do I do this for my brand? This is where your brand strategy comes in. Your brand strategy serves as the strong foundation for your brand. It’s like a roadmap guiding every decision and action your brand takes. This strategy is your compass, helping you define your brand’s values, vision, mission, tone of voice and much more. It’s about the experience you want to create for your audience. An experience that goes deeper than just looks alone.

Crafting the inside of your brand (AKA your brand strategy) begins with clarity. You have to define what your brand stands for and what makes it unique. It’s about creating a genuine story that resonates with your audience, drawing them in and creating that essential connection. You might wonder, what does a strong brand strategy consist of? Below we’ll explore some key elements that are essential for a winning brand strategy:

Your why

At the heart of every strong brand strategy lies your ‘why.’ It’s the driving force behind your existence. It’s all about your purpose and passion. This element dives deep into why your brand exists beyond making profits.

Your mission and vision statement

Your mission and vision statements are the guiding lights. They’re about your brand’s purpose, outlining what you aim to achieve and where you aspire to go. They should inspire both your team and your audience.

Competitor research

Understanding your competitors is crucial. Dive into some research of your competitors — analyze their strategies, strengths, and weaknesses. This knowledge helps you to stand out and find your spot in the market.

Understanding your audience and persona’s from the inside out

Know your audience like you know your best friend. Thorough research into your target audience and brand personas uncovers their desires, pain points, behaviors and aspirations. This insight shapes your tailored approach.

Your brand values including defining what they mean for your customers and business

Your brand values aren’t just words on paper; they’re guiding principles that resonate with your audience. Understand what these values mean to you and your customers and how they align with your business objectives.

Your brand personality / archetype

Just like individuals, brands have personalities. Identify your brand’s archetype to make your brand more human and relatable. Your brand archetype is the persona that connects emotionally with your audience, setting the tone for your brand’s voice and style.

Your tone of voice

Your brand’s tone of voice is about the way you communicate with your target audience. It’s how you speak, write and engage with your audience. For example your brand’s tone of voice can be casual and friendly or professional and authoritative and everything in between.

A clear, concise and cohesive overview of all elements above

Lastly, bring all these elements together into a clear and concise overview. This snapshot is a summary of your brand’s essence, values, and direction, serving as a guiding light for every branding decision.

Creating a strong brand strategy is like telling a story—one that not only defines who you are but also captivates the hearts of your audience. Consistency is key in executing your brand strategy. It’s about being true to the core of your brand in every interaction, whether it’s a witty tweet, a heartfelt email, or that warm greeting at your storefront. Consistency makes your audience trust you, because people know exactly what to expect from you. And here’s the cool part: your brand strategy isn’t set in stone. It’s a living, breathing “thing” that evolves alongside your business. Keep your ears open, listen to your crowd, and adapt while staying rooted in your core values. Think of it as staying true to your roots while growing taller.

Always remember, your brand isn’t just what you tell people it is. It’s the vibe they get from every touchpoint—every social media post, every product, every interaction. So, ensure that everything you put out there reflects what you stand for as a brand.

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