We believe conscious brands that make a positive impact are the future. That’s why it’s our mission to support conscious start-ups on their journey of creating a visually cohesive brand, in an affordable way.

In a world full of mindless consumerism and an overload of brands, we want to support the brands that try to make a change, stand out and want to do better. The kind of brands that believe it can be done differently and strive to make the world a greener place. We vote with our wallet and we strongly believe we should only buy what we believe in. We want to use our creative skills to support sustainable and conscious brands, because together we can make a positive impact.

How it all started

Big things often have small beginnings, and that’s true for The Conscious Content (or The CoCo as we like to call it) as well. We both graduated from Academie Artemis in Amsterdam and became close friends afterwards. We are two creatives with a passion for design, sustainability and a conscious way of living. Over the years, our interests in this kept developing and growing. We shared ideas and thoughts about a mindful lifestyle, how our food choices influence the planet, minimalism, conscious consumerism and so on. As designers, we collaborate with brands a lot. While we started to develop a more conscious lifestyle on a personal level, we felt like it was also time to use our skills to make an impact on the business side and to work for brands with a purpose. We wondered: how can we use our creative skills to help conscious entrepreneurs start up their business? With this question in mind we started. Many brainstorming sessions, veggie lunches and happy dances later, The CoCo was born.

Visually aesthetic, easy to customize, affordable branding packages

After years of experience as designers, we knew that conscious start-ups often don’t have the resources to hire a designer for their branding. Especially in those first tough years, when all budget goes straight into perfecting the product or service. We realized there is a need for visually aesthetic, easy to customize, affordable branding packages — specifically designed for conscious brands that make a positive impact.

Our branding packages contain several templates that help you build a visually cohesive brand. Stunning social templates, presentation slides for that perfect pitch and icon packs suitable for your industry, all within the same style. All these ready-made templates are easily editable and 100% customizable to your needs.

The future of The Conscious Content

We don’t want to stop there. Because having all the tools doesn’t mean you know how to get the job done. We envision The Conscious Content as a platform, a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and creatives that share knowledge and insights about branding, sustainability and design. We want The CoCo to be more than ‘just a marketplace’. Here’s a sneak preview into our future plans:

— Create a library of beautiful, consciously created stock imagery
— Blogs, interviews, tips & insights on branding, design and sustainability
— Collaborate with other like-minded designers to expand our collection
— Look into how we can donate/give back in a meaningful way
— Branding trainings and workshops

We want to collaborate with conscious people, brands and businesses that share the same worldview and strive to make the planet a bit greener. We’re aware that we aren’t perfect and never will be, but together we can learn and make a difference. Here are some of our first awesome collaborations and partners:

Triodos bank. One of the greenest banks in the world, where your money is invested only in sustainable and green causes. No shady business, we love it!

Greenhost. Being digitally present also leaves a carbon footprint. We want to minimize this by collaborating with this green hosting company for our website.

— Karlijn Schuttelaar from Schuttelaar Law: Karlijn provides legal services for companies and organisations who want to make the world a better place. A match made in heaven.

Good things take time, so stay tuned for our future plans. In the meantime we would love to hear your ideas, thoughts and dreams. Just drop us a message, we’d love to grab a coffee together!