Brand Strategy Workbook (Dutch only)

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Transform your company into a strong brand with the right brand strategy.

Are you a passionate entrepreneur with big dreams for your business? Dive into the heart of branding with our digital Brand Strategy Workbook (for now Dutch only). This workbook is your roadmap to crafting a brand that captures hearts and creates meaningful connections. We understand the challenges of starting a business, and that’s why we’ve designed this workbook to be your go-to companion on your branding journey. Welcome to your brand’s new chapter!

  • What's Included?

    You’ll receive a practical, fillable brand strategy workbook in Canva, spanning over 90 pages, encompassing the following elements:

    • Workbook with comprehensive and in-depth assignments, questions, and exercises essential for building a strong brand DNA. Some examples include:
      • Shaping your brand vision
      • Define your ‘why’: Golden Circle
      • Market and competition analysis
      • Determine your unique value proposition
      • Understand and identify your target audience
      • Craft your vision and mission
      • Discover your core values + deeper exploration
      • Define your brand personality (using archetypes)
      • Establish your tone of voice + deeper exploration
      • Implement your brand strategy
    • Workbook packed with knowledge, insights, and practical examples directly from real-world experience, drawing on the expertise of two branding experts, Lianne and Nadia.
    • Techniques and exercises to delve deep into the psyche of your ideal target audience and personas.
    • Easy access: User-friendly Canva workbook with fillable fields, making the branding process a breeze.

  • Features

    🎯 A clear, strong, and inspiring vision and mission that serve as a compass for your brand
    Develop a crystal-clear vision for your brand, so you know where you’re headed.

    🚀 A solid foundation for the development of your visual identity
    With this brand strategy as a foundation, you can begin to develop a visual identity for your brand that seamlessly aligns with your brand and attracts your ideal target audience

    📈 The cornerstone for marketing content
    You have a crystal-clear understanding of how to leverage your unique brand DNA for your marketing content. You’re bursting with ideas for social posts, blogs, campaigns, and much more!

    💡 You’ve laid the foundation for a unique and distinctive brand because your brand is built from within
    This sets you apart from the crowd because there’s only ONE brand like yours. This way, you claim out your unique place in the market.

    🧩 Deep connection with your ideal target customers
    You’ve gained profound insights into who your ideal customer is and what motivates and drives them, allowing you to connect with them on a different level.

    🚀 An added boost of confidence to present and grow your brand
    Step out with confidence in presenting your brand. You know what you stand for and what your mission is. You also know who you’re doing it for. Everything aligns perfectly, and you want to shout it from the rooftops!

    Ready to make your brand shine? Let’s shape your business into a memorable and authentic brand that resonates with your audience. Start crafting your brand’s success story today!

  • Software

    You’ll receive a PDF file with a link to the digital workbook in Canva, with fillable fields designed for simplicity, making the branding process a breeze.

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  • Important note

    This workbook is only available in Dutch. We’re currently working on an English version . 

    All our products are completely digital, that’s why they cannot be returned nor refunded. All sales are final. Please read The Conscious Content – Terms and Conditions.