Can I return my purchase or get a refund?

All our products are completely digital, that’s why they cannot be returned nor refunded. All sales are final. Only exceptional circumstances may allow for a refund, such as accidental double purchase. Please read our general terms and conditions here. Of course we want you to be completely happy, if that’s somehow not the case please contact us at hello@theconsciouscontent.com to further discuss this.

Which countries do you send your products to? / When will my product arrive?

The digital nature of our products allows us to send to any country in the world. After completing the purchase, you will receive a download link that gives you instant access to the product. Just press download and start designing. No physical shipment needed.

How can I download the purchased product?

Login to your account and click the profile icon on the top right of the screen. Click the ‘downloads’ tab, and there you will be able to download all your (previously) purchased products

What are the payment options?

We offer payment via: credit card, iDeal, Bancontact.

Is it possible to have a product from the shop customized?

In some cases, it is possible to have a product customized to your needs. We charge an hourly rate for this, starting from one hour and up. For inquiries, please contact us at hello@theconsciouscontent.com so we can send you a tailor made offer.

Is it allowed to resell a product I purchased?

No, it’s not allowed to resell or re-distribute a product you purchased from the shop

Where can I see my invoice?

The invoice will be sent to your email address after your purchase.

Can I use the purchased products commercially?

Yes, definitely! The templates were specifically made to use commercially for your business.

How and where do I download Adobe XD?

All of our products use Adobe XD. Download Adobe XD.

I purchased a product but I didn’t receive a confirmation yet. What should I do?

Usually you should get an email within 15 minutes after the purchase, but please allow the system a couple of hours for the confirmation email to arrive. If you don’t receive anything after a couple of hours, please contact us at hello@theconsciouscontent.com.